One time is an honest mistake but two times? Now you're just becoming annoying and that was the case with Mr. Bull Elk and the resident of this Estes Park home.

Now about a month ago, my good pal Shelby wrote an article about this elk that showed up unannounced (the nerve of this animal) rang the doorbell, snooped around the porch for a bit, and left.

Well, that unwanted house guest returned again and once again but this time, he didn't ring the doorbell...he just snooped around the porch and yard for a bit before leaving.

Ummm, Mr. Elk clearly doesn't understand the trespassing and loitering concept but that's understandable because most wild animals don't and one can argue that WE'RE the ones doing the trespassing on their territory.

Check out the two visits from this impressive and massive animal:

And the second visit from the same elk, the resident stated that they knew it was the same elk due to its unique antler features.

Seems like a gentle giant...although I still wouldn't want to get too close to it. It's weird to me that the elk came back to the same porch to just hang out for a bit. There's clearly something about that porch or about that house that is attracting it back.

Well, even though the elk is being a big creeper and a bit of a stalker, it's not doing any damage or hurting anyone so, live and let live I guess.

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