Sometimes, you just need a quiet place to go to when to get away from the noise and traffic and just think. Or do nothing but look at the scenery, sigh and be glad you live in the most beautiful area in the most beautiful state in the Union.

Let's look at a few of my favorite places, within short driving distance of Grand Junction, that will restore some balance to your tired soul, or at least shut out the noise for a little while.

Colorado National Monument

There is so much beauty in the Grand Valley, sometimes it just takes your breath away. When you sit in the Colorado National Monument, it feels like you can see forever. Without a doubt, one of my most favorite places on Earth to just sit and enjoy the quiet.

But sometimes, I feel like sitting near the water, maybe do some fishing and think. And for that, I am headed to:

Blue Mesa Reservoir

Just look at this place. If you like to fish in an area that is beautiful and serene, the Blue Mesa Reservoir is your spot. And if you have a small boat, row out to the middle and let everything else slip away. But, I may want to go camping, do some hiking, and, yeah, maybe fish too. Since quiet, relaxing and serene is the order of the day, let me take you to.

The Ruedi Reservoir

Just outside Basalt lies Ruedi Reservoir. Bring your camping gear, your fishing gear, and, if you have one, your bike because you have options! You can sit by the reservoir, take in the scenery, enjoy watching the boaters and fish.

The Frying Pan River is a Gold Medal fishing area! Or you can head back to the camp, relax in or around your tent and listen to the sounds. If you feel a little more energetic, grab your bike and ride a few of the trails there are up here. Relaxation is key, and here you get no city noise, no city smells, just beauty and serenity. Just look at the view in the video while hiking! Speaking of hiking, do you like to hike near waterfalls?

Rifle Falls State Park

Just outside Rifle sits Rifle Falls. With a number of different viewpoints and some fantastic trails, you can find your spot and enjoy the look and sound of the falls and relax in peace and quiet.

These are my favorites. Share yours and let's enjoy the beauty, and quiet, of our state!

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