A collection of music gear reportedly played by Eddie Van Halen and Prince — including guitar amplifiers and cabinets — has apparently been stolen from a Nashville storage locker.

Guitar technician Zeke Clark, who's worked with Van Halen and Cheap Trick, told the Tennessean that thieves took at least $50,000 worth of equipment and tour memorabilia. That list includes "vintage Fender and boutique TopHat amplifiers, custom Marshall guitar cabinets, Ampeg bass cabinets [and] collectable Sears Silvertone instruments."

Clark says he last visited the storage space in late October, then found a new lock on the unit upon returning Dec. 3. He realized a batch of pieces was missing after removing the lock with bolt cutters. "When I opened that door my heart just sank," Clark said.

The Marshall cabinets were used by Van Halen on the group's '80s 5150 and Monsters of Rock tours, Clark reports, and then by Prince on unspecified '90s studio recordings. "I'm sick to my stomach," he added.

So far, Clark hasn't collected a full list of the missing items. The Metro Nashville Police Department Hermitage precinct is investigating the theft.

In a similar crime, Ozzy Osbourne offered a $25,000 reward in December 2019 after a collection of equipment that belonged to late guitarist Randy Rhoads was taken from the California music school once operated by his mother, Delores Rhoads. Fortunately, many of the items — including "40 years' worth of photos and fan gifts" — were later recovered after a woman spotted them in a North Hollywood dumpster while walking her dog.


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