Sometimes, Mother Nature needs a little human assistance as evidenced by this elk rescue in Eagle, Colorado.

It Was Late At Night and There Arose Such A Clatter

According to the Post Independent, the incident happened recently in Eagle when a family heard a commotion outside their house. Upon investigation, they discovered a small female elk had fallen into a basement window well and couldn't get out.

Vail Daily via YouTube
Vail Daily via YouTube

Colorado Parks and Wildlife was contacted, but it was late at night and they were unable to immediately respond. That's when the Eagle Police Department and the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District got involved and decided to try and resolve the situation.

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A Successful Rescue

After the initial attempt to hoise the animal out of the six-foot deep window well failed, a second attempt was successful. Rescuers were able to get a blanket under the cow's body and hoist it out of the window well. Once the animal was on the ground, it ran off and seemed to be uninjured.

Vail Daily via YouTube
Vail Daily via YouTube

There have been numerous reports of wildlife in the area recently, and the homeowner stated she had seen six or seven elk bedded down on her property in recent weeks. Fortunately, this incident had a happy ending.

Window Well Coverings A Good Idea

The window well had been covered with a screen to keep mice and squirrels out, but the covering obviously could not support the weight of the elk. For people who live in wildlife areas,  it's probably a good idea to get a  more solid covering over window wells to help prevent wildlife from getting trapped and possibly injured

You can watch the successful elk rescue below.

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