Weddings are great celebrations of love and the beginning of a wonderful life together unless you're a stumbling drunk groom who angers your new bride before the reception is over.

It's generally a given when alcohol is served at a wedding reception someone is going to get drunk and stupid, but it's not usually the groom. It's doubly bad this guy was bombed before the garter and flower toss.

The bride appeared a little embarrassed but amused in the beginning. That quickly ended when it became obvious groom's idiotic actions made the bride so angry she whispered something in his ear.  I'm guessing she was probably asking for an annulment.

So much for wedded bliss. Consummating the marriage that night is also out. The guy probably hugged the toilet all night instead of his new bride.

Newlyweds don't usually have separate rooms on their wedding night. For these two, that might be the best.

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