Following the announcement of an uncertain future, Grand Junction's 'Glacier Ice Arena' has been given a substantial glimmer of hope with a pledge from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

The anonymous donor, who has offered to donate $1 million, did have one other speculation with the money they would be putting forth to save the arena; that it remains an ice arena.

The terms set forth by the donor may be in direct relation to the fact that the ice arena was recently in talks to be sold to an independent party back in October of 2020 with plans of converting the space into something other than an ice rink.

The current owner and manager of Glaicier Ice Arena had this to say about the new proposed donation and future of the ice arena:

I think it's great that somebody knows that passion and knows what it can mean to a community and what a valuable asset it is to a community. We’ve been saying that for a long time. Being the largest city on the Western Slope, it’s just really crazy that we don’t have a municipality-owned ice rink. Private people don’t typically own ice rinks. It’s usually municipalities, city or county, that own the ice rinks.

Glacier Ice Arena was first opened in 2006 and over the years has served as the home base to not only the Colorado Mesa University hockey team but many other local youth hockey clubs as well.

The director of Grand Valley Youth Hockey, Walter Fox, has said that the proposed donation has given him hope for local youth hockey teams to have a place to play in the Grand Valley.

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