A puppy left at home while his owners are away finds it is not appropriate to bark thanks to a cat who's more than willing to teach the pup proper behavior.

The animal's owners set up a camera to see what their puppy was doing while they were away so they could work on making sure he was well behaved. If not, then the owners would know what corrective measures they should take to make sure the dog followed house rules.

When they watched the video, they were surprised to find the family cat had already started training the pup on proper behavior by stopping his barking.

The puppy must have a great deal of respect for this cat as it took nothing but a face to face cat stare to get the little dog to stop. There's one moment the puppy almost starts to bark again but the another stare from the cat put a quick end to it.

It's anyone's guess as to what else this cat will be able to train the dog to do, but if the owners keep recording they're sure to find out.


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