Colorado is full of dogs and elk. Even with the large number of both, it is highly unlikely a dog and an elk could form a bond with each other. Unlikely, yes. Impossible, no.

you need look no further than this Facebook photo to see the two don't really mind being around each other. The story is, that anytime someone approaches the elk, the dog starts barking. It seems to be a warning to leave his friend alone.

The bull elk, having recently lost its antlers, appears quite content knowing he has someone making sure he can enjoy some rest.

The photo was taken in Glen Haven, which is not commonly known for elk around town. However, this guy, nicknamed Glen, must have been looking for and found the perfect place to enjoy some relaxation and companionship with a dog named Lucy.

In addition to the photo, Marsha Hobart also shared some video showing Lucy barking in response to Marsha's close proximity to Glen. You can read more about the two animals and see the video HERE.

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