I'm not exactly the best at home improvement projects, normally I make a mess with the project and eventually I figure it out with YouTube videos or I call a professional to fix the mess that I have created. And this is my first year as a homeowner in Grand Junction and I am having the internal debate of whether to attempt to winterize my swamp cooler myself this weekend or just pay to have someone do it correctly.

After doing a little research it's a no-brainer that the longer you wait with the temperatures getting cold the more damage you could be doing to your swamp cooler. If you don't winterize your swamp cooler you could have mold or mildew growth, rust or corrosion build-up, or possibly even cause a broken water pipe or leak. So, not winterizing your swamp cooler isn't a smart option and will just lead to paying to have the unit fixed or replaced.

The whole process of winterizing my swamp cooler seems pretty simple (remember I have never done this before, and I always break stuff).

  1. Turn off power to the unit
  2. Turn off the water supply valve
  3. Drain the swamp cooler
  4. Clean the evaporative cooler
  5. Cover the unit and make sure it is closed

After talking to a buddy here at work I found out how busy all the companies are that winterize swamp coolers right now. So, if you're looking for someone like I am, it might be best to have a buddy help you winterize your swamp cooler. Or, start calling and begging to see if anyone has any openings this week.

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