We all know Colorado is a wonderful place to live and there is so much to do here in our home state. But did you also know that the birthplace of the teddy bear is also here in Colorado?

I was reading articles online about our great state and stumbled upon this information thanks to onlyinyourstate. I thought it was pretty cool since we all had a favorite teddy bear growing up and some of us still have that same sentimental piece of our childhood.

As the old story goes in 1905 when President Theodore Roosevelt was staying in Glenwood Springs for a hunting trip, the staff at the hotel really loved him visiting and he enjoyed being there. After spending the day trying to harvest an animal with no luck the maid staff at Hotel Colorado pieces together a small cuddly bear-looking creature to cheer him up.

He absolutely loved the bear and nice gesture from the staff, and over the next few days, he was able to take down a bear on his hunting expedition. After the trip ended he took the bear home and gifted it to his daughter Alice who loved it and called it "Teddy".

While there are some historians who argue that the teddy bear was first created in Germany. We all now know the true story as to how the creation of the teddy bear actually happened.

If you ever want to stay at the historic Colorado Hotel it is still in business at 526 Pine St. in Glenwood Springs, CO. This is just another reason to love the great state of Colorado.

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