One of the nicest houses in downtown Grand Junction used to be the home of a record shop and hi-fi store. Did you ever shop there?

I'm afraid this one was a little before my time. Did your music buying adventures ever take you to 1001 Main Street in Grand Junction? Back in 1957, that was the home of Hi Fi Shop, Inc. This downtown business sold newfangled space-age items such as:

  • Record players
  • Records (thin disks you used to be able to play music off of)
  • Intercoms
  • P.A. equipment

Look at the sign, and you'll see the three most "happening" tunes in Grand Junction at the time.

  • Raunchy - Bill Justis, co-written by Sidney Manker and produced by Sam Phillips 1957
  • Silhouettes - made famous by the doo-wop group The Rays in 1957
  • You Send Me - Recorded by Sam Cooke in 1957, it reached No. 1 on both Billboard's Rhythm & Blues Records chart and the Billboard Hot 100.

A musician friend of mine says she used to visit this store between 1959 and 1962 to buy her Classical music albums. She recalls it being quite the place.

Well, that was 1957. Fast forward 63 years and the building itself still stands. Personally, I think of it as one of the nicest structures in the valley.

Waylon Jordan
Waylon Jordan

The 1962 Grand Junction City Directory shows "Hi-Fi Shop Inc" records at 1001 Main Street. Nowadays, the building is home to the 1003 Offices & Suites.

What will you find at this address today? The building houses several businesses and firms. Among them, you'll find Grand Junction Counseling, Mind & Muscle Medicine, Old School Massage, Discreet Tattoo, and A Gift of Hands Massage Therapy.

I've never done business with any of the tenants in the building, but I think I might just have to, for no reason other than to go in the place.

The next time you're heading down Main Street in Grand Junction, take a look at this structure. It has a very charming appeal about it. Smart money says this place was hopping back in its day.

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