Welcome to Denver International Airport, conspiracy theorists. You're going to love the new #DENFiles marketing campaign — if it is a marketing campaign, that is... *cue X-Files music*

From Blue Satan Horse to underground tunnels and kind of disturbing murals, DIA gets more attention nationally for its conspiracies than it does anything else, really. Whoever is the mind behind these ads, which are barriers to the 'construction areas,' is having a lot of fun with that.

In case you haven't been to the airport recently, you can follow the hashtag #DENfiles and see what is going on, but here's a handful that gave us a giggle.

'Coming soon: Another misunderstood mural.' (click through)


'Some believe we are connected to the New World Order...'

'Gargoyle breeding grounds...'


'Welcome to DIA, home of the lizard people.' (click through)


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