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We were reminded last week many times about just how unusual this year has been whether it was having to video chat with family members you would normally be sitting around the table with or politicians and health officials urging people to stay home. In fact, many people are still very unhappy with Denver's mayor Michael Hancock as he asked for forgiveness upon returning back to Colorado after visiting relatives in Mississippi.

Mayor Hancock spoke for the first time Saturday night according to KDVR and said he would be following all necessary health and safety guidance and quarantine. Along with his wife and daughter, they made the trip to see family for Thanksgiving after urging others to avoid travel.

While this was the first time Mayor Hancock said anything in person about the topic he did issue an apology online last week regarding his conflicting guidance over how to handle the current pandemic. He discussed how he made the decision as a father and a husband and asked for people to forgive him.

Many people are finding it hard to forgive the mayor as he issued a letter to all city employees urging them to avoid travel for the holiday on November 18th. He did mention in that letter that he was planning to cancel his big family plans but never discussed what his holiday plans were going to be.

As a human who often makes mistakes myself, I can forgive him, but the Denver mayor has to understand that he cannot ask others to sacrifice for our state if he isn't willing to make the same sacrifice.

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