As a huge fan of animals especially rescue animals this is the great news that we desperately needed in 2020. Finding out that in Denver voters decided yesterday to repeal the ban on pit bull dogs that had been in place for 31 years.

While the results are still technically unofficial it looks like a majority of Denver voters appeared to be in favor of repealing the ban, which is fantastic news. According to 9 News, it was approximately 11:00 p.m. last night when results showed what voters wanted to do and that was to overturn the ban on these amazing dogs.

The votes were tallied at approximately 64% of voters wanting to overturn the ban on pit bulls while 35% of voters were still in favor of keeping the ban in place.

This has been a heated debate in the Denver area for months now. Denver's Mayor Michael Hancock vetoed a repeal on the ban earlier this year saying it didn't have enough support to override the veto, which meant it was up to the voters in Denver.

Once these results become official, it would require pit bull owners to receive a permit and have the dog microchipped like all other breeds. After a 36 month period passes with no issues the dog can be registered like any other.

There would be a limit of two pit bulls per household.

But even with these limitations and 36 month trial period at least these beautiful dogs are allowed in Denver again. I will always feel like there are no bad dogs, just bad dog owners.

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