What band should Grand Junction celebrate?

I've lived here just over two and a half years and don't know much about Grand Junction's rock history. I do know that Rock Jam was a thing here for a while. I also understand that Big Head Todd & The Monsters has a close connection to Grand Junction. Has there been an event, concert, or "thing" that warrants their being a day set aside to honor a band?

Denver’s Mayor decided in honor of Led Zeppelin's first North American appearance 50 years ago they would set aside December 26th, 2018 as ‘Led Zeppelin Day’ in the Mile High City. I'd say that fits the bill.

Surprisingly, Zeppelin wasn't the headliner for that show  50 years ago. They opened for Vanilla Fudge at the Denver Auditorium. Legendary concert promoter, Barry Fey paid the band a whopping $750 bucks for their performance back in 1968. 

Who would have known at the time just how huge this band would become. That show kick-started Led Zeppelin’s music career here in the states. The band, of course, went on to super-stardom selling more than 111 million albums in the US. "I don’t think anybody could’ve realized the power and the force of the band that was technically going to create heavy metal,” says Chris Daniels, the Director of the Colorado Music Hall of FameA plaque featuring the band and its special day is being created by local sculpture artist Joey Bainer and will be displayed in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.

So what about it Grand Junction? I guess it doesn't have to be a rock band. What band or musician deserves a day set aside in their honor?

Credit: Fox31 

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