This is probably the most adorable video you will see in a long time. As a Denver-area health care worker named Tate Hegstrom decided to pick up his guitar and play the very popular and uplifting song 'Lean On Me'. But his version of the song got 1,000,000 times better after his Husky dog (Kovu) joined in on the singalong. It's fantastic.

To make this story even more special, I tried looking around on Facebook to find him and while I couldn't see much of his history because we aren't friends on FB, it did show that he used to live in Grand Junction. So, he has been looking after citizens of Colorado for numerous years now.

The smile that Tate has on his face brings even more to the video as there is so much negativity that we are all getting through it's just amazing to see such a cool video that was made in our state by a worker who has been on the frontlines battling this COVID-19 pandemic.

While I will say that Tate probably has the better singing voice of the duo, but just seeing Kovu so easily singalong makes this video everything you need to make your day better.

As if this story and the video couldn't get any better it is only 34 seconds in length so you can watch it and smile numerous times. Tate and Kovu, thank you for this video, it really has made our work week so much better. Check out the video below.

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