Colorado beer fans rejoice as a new study just named one Colorado city as the number two place for beer lovers out of 180 different cities in the entire United States. Do you agree?

Colorado City Is The Second Best City For Beer Lovers


It's no surprise to anyone that Colorado is a great place to enjoy a delicious ice-cold adult beverage. Regardless of what type of beer you enjoy, Colorado almost definitely has a place that brews it locally where you can get it at its absolute freshest. From Fort Collins all the way down to Southern Colorado, from giant national beers to smaller local beers, we've got breweries for days. That's probably why Colorado has just been named the very best place for beer lovers. In fact, one Colorado city was just named the second best place in the entire country for beer lovers. Duh. But also, why not number one?

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The peeps over at Lawn Love set out on a mission to track down the very best places for beer lovers across the country. They ranked 180 of the largest cities in the U.S. based on things like the number of local breweries, award-winning brews, beer-centric festivals, and more. After their research, they found out something that we in Colorado have known for years.

Colorado's capital city, Denver, was ranked number two out of 180 for beer lovers with a score of 53.21. Fort Collins made the list as well, at number 30 with a score of 30.05. So who beat out Colorado? Seattle, Washington. They came in at number one with a score of 60.55. I'd argue that Colorado should have been at the very top, and Fort Collins should have made the top ten, but we all know the truth. See the full list of best beer lover cites here.

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