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It was a day of protest in Denver following Wednesday's presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C.

Demonstrators marched in downtown Denver and burned several American flags outside the Colorado Capitol.

KDVR reports the protestors began their march at Cheesman Park and headed down Colfax Avenue, with police blocking intersections for the group. One person was reportedly carrying a communist party flag, and one woman was wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. It is unclear, however, who was responsible for organizing the demonstration.

Outside the capitol building, the protestors burned several American flags, as police looked on, ensuring the protest did not turn violent.

It wasn't clear exactly what they were protesting or why. One person was heard saying they were tired of discrimination, and there were other shouts of cursing toward police and government.

Meanwhile, there was a peaceful march down the 16th Street Mall, apparently organized by Black Lives Matter and a group called the Denver Anti-Fascist League.

It doesn't seem the group was unhappy about the inauguration of Joe Biden, they mostly wanted to send a message. Fortunately, this protest was done peacefully and without violence and vandalism, unlike other parts of the country like Portland, Oregon.

While the images of a burning American flag is disturbing to many, the demonstrations on Wednesday do, in fact, represent some of the freedoms Americans enjoy. Freedom isn't always pretty.

Protests in Denver on Joe Biden's Inauguration Day

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