People who get their electricity from Delta Montrose Electric (DMEA) may be in for a big surprise when they receive a phone call about their electric bill.

The latest scam to hit the Montrose area has a person calling and telling them they haven't paid their bill and their service is about to be cut off.

If you're like a lot of people, you don't always answer calls from people whose number you don't recognize. This scammer knows that and leaves a message that says if you don't call them back within a set amount of time, usually 10 minutes, DMEA will turn off your electric service.

In addition to the message, the scammer has spoofed a phone number that makes it look like the call is local. The Montrose Police Department says the call back number residents are reporting is 970-316-0495.

Knowing that people sometimes inadvertently overlook paying a bill or may pay late, this scammer preys on people hoping they'll fall for the scam. Police say, do not return the call.

If you're absolutely sure your bill is paid, then ignore the call. However, if you're not sure or have questions, call DMEA at their real customer service number, 877-687-3632.

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