Yeah, we should be a little jealous of those in Delta County right now as earlier this week they got the word that they can officially move into Level Green on Colorado's COVID-19 Dial. Here are the restrictions now currently in place within Delta County:

  • Personal Gatherings – No state regulations
  • Restaurants – No state regulations
  • Last Call – Local regulations in place
  • Non-Critical Manufacturing – No state regulations
  • Offices – No state regulations
  • Bars – 50% capacity
  • Gyms/Fitness Centers – No state regulations
  • Group sports/camps – 50% capacity up to 500 (indoors)
  • Critical/Non-critical retail – No state regulations
  • Personal Services – No state regulations
  • Limited Health Care Settings – No state regulations
  • Indoor seated/unseated events and entertainment – 50% up to 500 people
  • Outdoor seated /unseated events and entertainment – No state regulations
  • Outdoor guided services – No State regulations

*These changes do NOT change Colorado's current statewide mask mandate that Governor Jared Polis has in place, although it sounds like the mask mandate will be over on April 3rd. We will be sure to let you know once this information is confirmed.

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While a large majority of people are excited to have things return to normal please remember to be respectful of others and their decisions and opinions. I'm certain there will be people that continue to wear masks and that is their choice. Just be courteous and try to be respectful of their space.

Let's hope that here in Mesa County we will be right behind Delta County and can soon move to Level Green on the COVID-19 Dial.

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