A man found a young bird trapped in a small pipe and rescued it, only to find the baby bird's parents were nearby. He did what any good Samaritan would do and released the bird, encouraging it to reunite with the parents who were in the parking lot.

The birds are killdeer, which typically nest on or near the ground. Areas with soil, gravel and cover in the form of shrubs or grasses around the area make for an ideal habitat for this species of birds.

We once had some killdeer decide to build a nest on the side of our driveway in a small clump of weeds. We marked the area and were cautious not to run over the nest as the birds laid, hatched, and nurtured the chicks.

At first, every time we came close, the adults would run around trying to keep us away from the nest. As they grew more accustomed to us being around, they were more forgiving of our intrusion, but still cautious about protecting the nest.