A group of exotic birds rescued from appalling living conditions are happy for the chance to recuperate in Colorado.

Dozens of dogs, cats, and birds were discovered in squalid conditions in a Casper, Wyoming house. The conditions of the home, by one account, were "filthy, and horrible, and really, uninhabitable for humans and animals."

The dogs and cats were sent to animal shelters. The birds, needing special care, were taken to the Gabriel Foundation in Elizabeth, Colorado. The foundation is a parrot welfare organization providing for the "complete physical, psychological and environmental well being" of parrots. The birds housed there remain in the sanctuary, go through rehabilitation, or are placed in adoptive homes.

These eight birds joined with more than 600 other exotic birds at the sanctuary and will be nursed back to good health until they can find new permanent homes.

If you are ever in the Elizabeth area, you can take a guided tour of the facility. Those interested in adopting an exotic bird can learn more about the birds and the adoption process. The adoption fee on these birds ranges from $50 to $1000, depending on the bird.

I'm so thankful for places like the Gabriel Foundation where animals can go to live in peace and safety - and maybe even find a new forever home filled with loving care.

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