Are you planning on a little getaway? They say Cripple Creek is one of the most haunted towns in America. There was a lot of violence in Cripple Creek. There were fights between mine owners and labor unions, mining accidents and many just not obeying the law. There are many tales of spirits walking the hallways in the buildings at Cripple Creek.

Many have said that a woman and her companion haunt the Colorado Grande Casino. So far she is friendly maybe playing the slot machines are just walking the stairs. Her name is Maggie, and she is dressed in 18-century attire.

Then there is Hotel St. Nicholas also haunted. This building at one time was a mental ward and many claims they have seen children and former patients of the psychiatric ward. One of the spirits is named Stinky. He doesn't smell right.

Buffalo Billy’s Casino was known as a men's club, but somehow a little girl approximately six years old began showing up there with her rag doll. Many tourists claim to have seen Lilly at the top of the stairs at Buffalo Billy's Casino.
So whether you go to Cripple Creek for a little gambling or just a getaway, you might see something unexpected.

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