Mesa County has been fortunate so far during the pandemic, but the numbers continue to climb.

According to Mesa County Public Health, the number of positive COVID-19 cases now stands at 118 with 89 recoveries and one personally currently hospitalized. So far in Mesa County, no deaths due to COVID-19 have been reported. However, over the past month the number of confirmed cases has been on the rise.

In May, there was a three week period where only one positive case in Mesa County was reported. Obviously, testing has increased in recent weeks which means more positive tests are going to be uncovered. In the month of June, Mesa County reported 3 consecutive weeks with at least 10 new positive cases. What it screams to us is that COVID-19 is alive and well in Mesa County and we need to continue to execute safe practices in regards to social distancing and wearing face coverings.

The low numbers in Mesa County may give us a false sense of security about the virus. Many people act like it's not a big deal and that we are out of the woods. Common sense would dictate to us this thing is far from over. Across the country, the numbers are going up, not only in regards to positive COVID tests but hospitalizations as well.

Mesa County has been in much better shape than many communities across the state as it has gradually and partially opened up in recent weeks. In Mesa County, Phase 2 of the Safer At Home order was extended as of July 2 because it was set to expire this past weekend. MCPH is submitting an application this week to enter the  Protect Our Neighbors phase. That means the next few weeks could look very different in Mesa County than the last few weeks, however, by no means does it mean that residents of Mesa County should not be interacting cautiously in public.

We need to live our lives without fear, but, at the same time, we need to be aware of the potential danger that exists. Let's be smart, and let's stay safe.

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