We used to have grizzlies in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Could they be making a comeback?

According to Colorado Wonders, grizzly bears were considered extinct in Colorado in 1953, but several years later, in 1979, a grizzly unexpectedly showed up and was promptly killed when it attacked a hunting outfitter.

The question was raised recently, could grizzlies be reintroduced in the mountains of Colorado?

Colorado Parks & Wildlife says no discussions about bringing the grizzly back are currently being held, nor is there presently any plan to discuss that option.  Colorado's black bears create plenty of challenges for wildlife officials without adding the dangerous grizzlies to the mix, though the issue runs much deeper than just that.

The grizzly population is thriving in nearby states like Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana but Colorado apparently is not going to be hosting these majestic creatures anytime soon.

If you have never seen a grizzly bear in the wild, you should put it on your bucket list, and one of the best places to experience that is Yellowstone or Teton National Park, where wildlife abounds. If you are going to see a grizzly, you're gonna have to do some traveling.

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