Are you excited about Halloween? Growing up in Grand Junction, most of the kids in my neighborhood considered this their favorite time of year.

If you plan to sport a costume this year and do a little Trick or Treating, here are a few things the Mesa County Sheriff's Office would like you to keep in mind.

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How We Used to Roll in Grand Junction

Growing up in this town, we were out Trick or Treating before sunset. Given the time of year, that could be as early as 6 p.m. Grand Junction was considerably smaller in the 1970s, so no matter where you went, you typically knew everyone.

The 1970s were the golden age of the store-bought costume with the cheesy mask and rubber band. Hey, that's how we rolled back then. If you were really lucky, someone in your household whipped up a ghost costume or something using a bedsheet. Check out these kids at the Mesa County Library circa 1974.

Halloween at Mesa County Library
Robert Grant

Grand Junction is Bigger and the Streets are Busier

Just last weekend I visited a place not only two blocks from my old neighborhood. Back in 1975, that street was purely a residential area with hardly enough traffic to concern yourself with. Now, it's a busy corridor with an event center and several nearby retail outlets, restaurants, and even an insurance office or two.

A Few Things to Remember

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office asks you to please keep these things in mind when it comes to your Halloween costume. All suggestions fall well within the domain of common sense. It never hurts to give them a quick review.

Costume Safety Tips From the Mesa County Sheriff's Office

A few things to keep in mind this Halloween.

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