There has been a coronavirus outbreak at two senior care homes in Montrose. Nearly 30 employees and residents have tested positive for COVID-19.

Two senior care homes in Montrose are experiencing a coronavirus outbreak. All employees and residents are being screened on a daily basis, according to KKCO.

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The coronavirus outbreak at Colorow Care Center, which is in Olathe, started last week, according to KKCO. Five employees and six residents tested positive for COVID-19 and according to KKCO, unfortunately, has passed away.

The second senior care home that's currently dealing with a coronavirus outbreak is the San Juan Living Center. The San Juan Living Center is in Montrose and has had a total of 18 people tested positive for COVID-19. 13 residents and five employees have tested positive for coronavirus, according to KKCO.

Along with monitoring the staff and employees on a daily basis, the senior care centers are also cleaning and sanitizing and 'adhering to all CDC precautions' according to KKCO.


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