Congratulations to October's Teacher of the Month, Jake Brubacher from Mount Garfield Middle School. Jake Brubacher has been a teacher for three years and has spent them all at Mount Garfield Middle School.

Jake Brubacker's favorite subject is Social Studies. He teaches sixth grade at Mount Garfield Middle School which he says is his favorite grade. October's Teacher of the Month says he's got it good, teaching the subject and grade level he wants to teach.

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Jake Brubacher from Mount Garfield Middle School says that his favorite part about teaching is:

The kids, they're hilarious. Every day I come into work and they say or do something that just has me in stitches. I don't know any other job where that's the case.

He says no matter what the kids always have something up their sleeves that's out of left field that makes you laugh. It seems like Jake truly enjoys his job and he was very grateful to be October's Teacher of the Month. We hope he enjoys his prizes which include:

  • $150 Gift Card to Big O Tires
  • $50 Gift Card from Farmers Insurance the Josh Dewitt Agency
  • 1 Hour Massage from Rimrock Wellness
  • $50 to Colorado Legacy Coffee
  • $50 Gift Card from Targett & Associates Insurance Service
  • Townsquare Media Gift Basket

Jake told us he can't wait to use his Colorado Legacy Coffee gift card because teachers always need their coffee.

Jake Brubacher from Mount Garfield Middle School was nominated and voted as our Teacher of the Month, thanks to you. You can nominate your teacher for November's Teacher of the Month here.

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