The days of AI and robots taking over the world seem closer and closer. Soon, we'll find that humans are needed less and less. How is Chipotle getting into the "robot game?'

Imagine, in the future, restaurants having signs reading "No robots here." The sign means that all of their food is hand-prepared; no robots were involved. Will Chipotle, which began in Colorado in 1993, be a restaurant not having one of those signs?

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When you think back to when the microwave came along, there were plenty of people that did not like the idea of "an electronic gizmo" cooking their food. Decades later, your toddler is making popcorn for the family with it, no worries.

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Machines came into existence to make our lives easier, why does the thought of a machine making Chipotle's guacamole make us uneasy and upset?

Is it one of those "small steps" that's going to lead to robots killing all of mankind? Is it that robots are taking away humans' jobs? Has pop culture gotten into our minds so much, that we can't give an inch?

Many jobs just don't exist, anymore; like those people that took your money at a toll booth or at a parking garage. That's all electronic now. How far are we away from not caring about robots preparing our food?


Chipotle announced that in California, they are testing a new robot - actually, it's called a "cobotic," as it works in collaboration with a human. They call it "intelligent automation." Does that make you feel better? Probably not.


The cobotic is called the "Autocado." A human puts fresh avocados into the cobotic bin, where the Autocado cuts, cores, and peels those avocados. Then, the human takes those ready-to-eat avocados and creates Chipotle's guacamole.

Maybe, they're just making more out of this gizmo than need be. It's a machine. Like a dishwasher- "Look, Martha, that their robot machine is cleaning our dishes!" We don't call dishwashers "robots," why should we call this device a "robot?"

I'm sure that there are a lot of Chipotle staffers that pride themselves on their skilled ability to cut, core, and peel avocados, but think about the extra time they'll have to create the actual tasty guacamole; that is until they get a robot to do that, too.

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