Denver is world famous for being knows as the "Mile High City" but Fort Collins isn't far behind sitting just a shade under at approximately 5000 feet and Colorado Springs sits even higher at just above 6000 feet.

But what town in Colorado sits the highest? That would be the town of Alma which sits WAAAAAY up there at 10,578 feet.

I've lived at sea level and at elevation and while there are cool things about both (especially where I was at sea level on the West Coast) I still prefer the altitude. I love the dry air, the crazy weather swings and the sunshine and blue sky.

While I was up at Central City and Blackhawk recently (which sits at around 8,000 feet)   it got me thinking about which towns in Colorado where perched the highest above sea level.

I'd love to just drive around to different areas of the state to check out the highest towns in elevation but I'd probably have to take out a loan to pay for the gas to drive to all of these places so I just went searching online and utilized the old Google machine...and here's what I found in terms of the highest elevated towns in Colorado.

Now, all I want for Christmas is cheaper gas prices so I can drive around on an epic road trip to see these places in person.

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