A woman in Colorado was strangled in a park by a man that was lurking in the bushes nearby.

The incident happened in Greeley, Colorado at Greeley West Park on the morning of May 4th, 2021. Allegedly, 26-year-old Zuri Lopez-Pedregro and her wife, Haidee Cervantes were doing stretches that morning when they noticed a man watching them from the bushes.

After spotting the man, the couple felt unsafe and decided to walk away from the area at which they were stretching, but the man followed.

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Cervantes, noticing the man's pursuit has been quoted as asking him, "Are you being a creep?" to which he replied, "It depends."

The man, later identified as 36-year-old Travis Gutierrez proceeded to run away from the couple on foot but was followed by Pedregro in an attempt to get a better description of Gutierrez to give to police. However, this would result in Gutierrez taking Pedregro to the ground where she suffered multiple injuries at the hands of Gutierrez.

Injuries reported include those to Pedregro's abdomen area as well as her neck as Gutierrez allegedly strangled the woman to the point at which she began losing consciousness but was able to free herself by kicking the man in his groin area.

After contacting police at her residence, Pedrego transported herself to the North Colorado Medical Center where doctors confirmed that her injuries matched her story.

Gutierrez was later spotted by police and, unsurprisingly, had a history of 'creepy' activity in the park. He will appear in court on June 28th.

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