A popular Colorado wolf sanctuary is closing its doors.

After 23 years of providing refuge for wolves and wolf dogs, the  Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation is closing at the end of the year. The announcement was made on the foundation's website.

Both Mark and Catherine are feeling their age and caring for our beloved wolves and wolf dogs is getting more difficult. So the decision was made and the sanctuary will be closing at the end of December 2019.

Under the guidance of founder Mark Johnson, the facility, west of Colorado Springs, has provided refuge, rehabilitation, and natural housing for captive-born wolves and wolf dogs.

I had a chance to visit the sanctuary a couple of years ago and it was a completely amazing experience to interact with the wolves. Some of the animals were not suitable for human interaction, but most of them were and some were even known for 'kissing' their human visitors.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

Here's the good news. The wolves are still going to be taken care of but will have a new home. A non-profit near Sedalia will be taking the wolves and give them an opportunity to be used in their programs. The facility work with people with PTSD and military personnel being deployed to provide a home for their dogs while they are away. They will also be offering tours, giving visitors a chance to interact with the animals just as they did at the foundation.

I was privileged to meet founder Mark Johnson and I just want to offer a word of thanks and appreciation to Mark and all of his amazing volunteers who have worked so tirelessly all these years to make a better life for these beautiful creatures.

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