A Colorado wolf sanctuary offers a completing amazing experience to visitors - including kisses from wolves.

My first wolf experience happened at the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation near Guffey, Colorado. Currently, 13 captive-born wolves and wolfdogs live at the sanctuary and are cared for by founder Mark Johnson and his staff of interns and volunteers.

Many of these animals suffered from abuse, neglect, or injury prior to coming to the sanctuary.

Private tours are offered by appointment only at the sanctuary. For 90 minutes you get the chance to interact with many of the animals on a guided tour, and in some instances kissing is involved.

Some of the wolves are extremely friendly, while others tend to be a bit shy, and there are some that are simply not allowed to interact with human visitors.

For animal lovers, it is one of the coolest experiences you could possibly imagine. If you don't appreciate the idea of being kissed by a wolf, this adventure probably is not for you.

There is no set admission charge, but they do accept donations which keeps the sanctuary going. My personal opinion is that they could charge $20-$25 for the experience and it would be well worth it.

If you would like to schedule a private tour, simply call the foundation at (719) 660-5480.

Take a look at my video to see some of our experiences with the wolves. Caution, you may fall in love.

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