We're used to seeing herds of elk and deer around Colorado, as well as other animals like wild turkeys, but there are many creatures that are much harder to come by in the Centennial State.

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It's always a treat to come across wildlife in Colorado, but out of respect and safety, it's important never to approach a wild animal.

Uncommon Animals of Colorado

It's pretty rare to see these types of wildlife in Colorado.

Grand Junction Colorado Animals - Robert Grant Photos

Here's another gallery of Robert Grant photos from Grand Junction, Colorado's past. With this gallery, the focus is on animals - domesticated to wildlife, and everything in between. These images range from the 1950s to the 1970s.

These Are the Most Dangerous Animals in Colorado

It's no secret that Colorado is home to stunning wildlife. However, that doesn't mean we should interact with the wildlife — some animals are meant to be avoided. See the dangerous Colorado animals you should steer clear of in the gallery below.

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