I feel like you have to be a certain type of person to live in the mountains. At least in Colorado. I like going to the mountains to get away for a while, but living there? I don't know if I could do it. I like the convenience of being able to get groceries on a whim or being able to go to the auto parts store quite easily when I need something.

Even if I was to take away those factors, I feel that the mountains in Colorado are either one of two ways. Covered in snow or dry and brown. There is only a short amount of time when green meadows and moisture would be present. Some other mountainous areas are quite lush and offer a rainforest-like feel to them. If I was to choose to live in the mountains, it would have to be a climate like that. However, that is just me. My wife on the other hand would love to live in the mountains of Colorado and you might want to as well.

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Where would be the best place to live in the mountains in Colorado? According to Money Inc., Colorado has three towns that make the list. One of them needs to be scratched off that list though because it isn't in the mountains.

Colorado's Best Mountain Towns to Call Home

Let's go ahead and start off with the mountain town that is on the list but isn't actually a mountain town. Money Inc. has this town on the list at number 16.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado is on the Money Inc. list not necessarily because it is a mountain town, but because it is at the base of the mountains. The terrain of Colorado Springs makes it feel like you are in the mountains, but you really aren't.


Leadville, Colorado

Money Inc. calls Leadville, Colorado one of the best mountain towns to live in as it is an affordable mountain town with approximately 30,000 residents. Leadville, Colorado ranks 11 on the best mountain towns to live in on the Money Inc. list.


Telluride, Colorado

A town that is so popular that Tim McGraw sang a song about it. Money Inc. says that Telluride, Colorado is a fantastic place for those that want to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Telluride's main industries include skiing and tourism and there are approximately 2,500 residents. Money Inc. ranks Telluride, Colorado as the best mountain town to live in.

Want to see the rest of the best mountain towns to call home in the United States? See the full list on Money Inc.

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