A week or so ago, I read that you have about 3 to 5 days after carving your pumpkin before it turns into a rotting mess. I’ve also experienced that exact same thing at my house. Halloween is nearly here, so that means lots of pumpkins will be carved this week.

We’ve done all kinds of designs since my children were small, ranging from a traditional Jack-O-Lantern to spooky pumpkins with vampire teeth, to a skier face with googles.

Perhaps this year, we could opt for a Colorado themed pumpkin.

Maybe a carving of one of our San Juan Mountain tops would be in order. You could carve a skier going down a slope, or even a snowflake on a pumpkin.

If someone in your family is a big sports fan, you could even carve your pumpkin with the logo of one of our state’s professional sports teams: the Rapids soccer team, the Rockies baseball team, the Nuggets basketball team, the Avalanche hockey team, and of course the Denver Broncos team. My husband would probably go for the Broncos or Avalanche logos, but, even with his exceptional carving skills, either of those might prove to be a little difficult to do.

Maybe someday we can try to tackle a Colorado-based idea for our Halloween pumpkins. However, we might just stick with the ideas my girls have for this year. The oldest one wants hers themed after Jaws, yes, the shark movie. Luckily, our youngest wants a silly face on hers.

Carve Your Own Colorado-Themed Jack-o'-lantern

If you want to carve a Colorado-Themed Jack-o'-lantern, here are some ideas to get you started.

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