The Colorado State Patrol has released more information about a deadly crash on I-70 on Wednesday including the names of the injured Colorado State Patrolman and the person killed in the crash.

The accident, near mile marker 93, killed Rifle resident 39-year-old Shaw Lewis. Colorado State Patrol Trooper Charles Hiller was injured in the crash.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, Trooper Hiller had pulled over Lewis for a traffic stop. Lewis was killed when a vehicle travelling on I-70 crashed into his stopped car.

The crash also injured trooper Hiller, who was along the passenger side of Lewis' car when the accident occurred. Hiller was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries and later released.

A person who was in the vehicle that collided with Lewis was also taken to the hospital. That person's name and condition have not been released.

The accident is being investigated by the Garfield County Sheriff's Office. Colorado has a Move Over Law which requires motorists to move over or slow down when there are law enforcement officers or other first responders on the side of the road.


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