Most of us have hit a back road and punched the accelerator on our vehicle once or twice, not trying to be dangerous, just having some fun. But we know the danger that comes with doing something like that which is why it doesn't happen more than once or twice and never when it could put someone else in danger. Well, one-speed racer in Colorado hadn't learned that lesson yet. But I have a feeling the Pueblo Police Department will help him find the error of his ways.

According to KKTV, the Pueblo Police Department says that a man bragging on social media about racing his vehicle is what helped track him down. This past Saturday an officer clocked a vehicle at 112 MPH being driven by a 29-year-old on Northern Avenue. The officer tracked down that suspect and he is now facing losing his driving privileges for up to six months.

But there was a second suspect that police never caught up with on Saturday night. So, they waited and sure enough, they caught wind of a guy bragging on social media about racing a red corvette which was the vehicle that caught on Saturday night.

As you can expect it didn't take long for police officers to make contact with the driver bragging on social media and his vehicle has now been seized for six months and he has received a 32 point driving citation for his wreckless actions on Saturday night, then being dumb enough to brag about it on social media. Learn from his mistakes, don't drive like an idiot and NEVER talk about it after the fact.

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