A Colorado principal dresses up like Ms. Frizzle from 'The Magic School Bus' every day. This is why the Mancos Elementary School principal decided to dress up.

The Principal of Manco Elementary School has been dressing up like Ms. Frizzle from 'The Magic School Bus' since March 30. Cathy Epps decided to dress up every morning to continue the connection she has with students and families.

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Manco Elementary School is near Cortez and Mesa Verde National Park. Colorado kids are doing a lot of their lessons through videos and teachers at Mancos Elementary School are expected to give lessons up to 30 minutes per content area, according to The Journal.

Principal Epps aka Ms. Frizzle sends a recording of herself dressed up as Ms. Frizzle from 'The Magic School Bus' every morning. She records herself reading a 'Magic School Bus' book and then it's quiz time for students.

Students take a reading comprehension quiz after watching her video, which they used to take the quiz in the Mancos Public Library but now complete at home. According to The Journal, Ms. Frizzle also sings 'happy birthday' to any birthday student.

Principal Epps, we mean, Ms. Frizzle says that she's proud to work with the teachers of Manco Elementary School and that they are determined, passionate, strong, creative and loving teachers.

We think this a great way to keep students engaged and have some fun during school closures due to the coronavirus.

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