If you've never heard of a common poorwill, then I have exciting news for you — because it's arguably the cutest bird, and rescuers just saved one's life.

According to a Facebook post from the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center (NCWC), someone recently dropped an injured poorwill off at the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program (RMRP) after they mistook it for a raptor.

Realizing their mistake, the RMRP transferred the critter to the NCWC, where team members determined that it was suffering from flight feather damage and a ruptured air sac.

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Thankfully, NCWC found the bird a temporary home with the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, where it will recover with the help of antibiotics — and get back to being its adorable self.

All About Birds reports that poorwills are nocturnal insect-eaters that nest on the ground. Unfortunately, NCWC believes this poorwill got injured by an unsupervised outdoor cat.

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"While we are so happy that this bird had three wildlife rehabilitation nonprofits that could come together to save its life, we would have all preferred that this bird didn't need help in the first place," read the post. "Please keep your cats indoors, on a leash, or closely supervised while outside to prevent wildlife from being attacked!"

Although NCWC did not specify where the poorwill came from, the City of Fort Collins prohibits cats from being "at large" outside, citing that "outdoor cats kill a surprising number of birds and small mammals."

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