Considering how big these beasts are,  you would expect a moose fight to be quite a spectacle. Time to lower those expectations.

Check out these two moose that sort of act like they want to fight, but after gently knocking antlers, they apparently decide it's just not worth the effort and move on to something else.

With such a might rack, these guys could be extremely dangerous - not only to humans but to other moose. Moose attacks on people are not extremely common as they tend to save their aggression for each other as they battle for territory and supremacy.

According to the Smithsonian, in a moose fight, the object really isn't to gore the other moose. Instead, they use their giant antlers in a huge tug of war to see which one can push harder and demonstrate they are stronger. Whichever one can move the other out of the way is the winner. It's kind of like playing 'king on the mountain" like we did when were kids.

Facebooker Charles Lance Woodson was able to capture a video of two moose going at it, but it turned out to be not much of a fight. Still, it's quite a sight to see these majestic creatures show their stuff.

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