The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Agency is planning on taking steps to change what manufacturers can and can't use when producing vape cartridges.

The cartridges contain THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana, and are typically about the size of a pen cap. They are then screwed onto a battery, about the same size as the rest of the pen and users press a button on the unit to produce THC infused vapor.

Lately, we keep hearing more and more about people getting sick from vaping, and there have even been some users that have lost their lives.

Despite e-cigarettes being around for several years, it has been up until only recently that these kinds of stories have surfaced. If you'll remember, the biggest threat that came from vaping was a thing called "popcorn lung."

So what's going on? Well, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Agency is hoping to curb these unfortunate cases by regulating the additives that are mixed with the cannabis oil to thin it down to a light enough consistency that it can be vaporized. These additives are Polyethylene glycol, Vitamin E Acetate, and Medium Chain Triglycerides. 

I'll never forget the time that a wise, very respected college professor I had once told us that even though marijuana is relatively harmless, smoke will always kill you. And, as far as I've been told, nicotine vape juice is merely vegetable oil, flavoring and, of course, nicotine.

So why can't the marijuana industry create e-cigarettes similar to those that contain nicotine? Well, they may have to find a way to do so if the proposed regulations are put into place.

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