Whether you choose to wear a mask of not, there is never a reason to pull out a gun over this simple debate. It's common knowledge that lots of people are wearing a face mask right now as most public health officials are asking that the public do so. It's also common knowledge that not everyone is going to follow that request. But things got out of hand last week on the Front Range as one man is now in jail on suspicion of first-degree murder after refusing to wear a face mask and shooting a restaurant employee over the debate.

According to Lex 18, the incident happened last Friday morning at an Aurora, Colorado Waffle House Restaurant. The suspect is 27-year-old Kelvin Watson and he was booked into jail after shooting the 25-year-old cook at the restaurant in the abdomen. The victim is expected to make a full recovery.

The incident began after Watson was refused service the night before for refusing to wear a mask. He left, then later returned with a mask that he wasn't wearing over his mouth, and threatened staff members at the restaurant. Watson then left the restaurant before cops showed up, and the victim didn't want to press charges.

Watson then returned the next day again not wearing a face mask and was asked to leave. He was also told the restaurant was at capacity, this made Watson very angry and he open hand slapped the victim. At that point the victim went to the back of the restaurant and called police. Watson followed the victim and eventually pulled the trigger as the victim was walking away from the restaurant toward his apartment a short distance away.

The staff helped police identify Watson as he was a regular at the restaurant. Police also realized Watson was a suspect for a shooting in April on a Towing facility, after they towed his BMW. Luckily, no one was injured in that shooting.

I always like to give someone the benefit of the doubt and remember innocent until proven guilty, but this guy had multiple people witness the crime. I think the whole state of Colorado is much safer with him behind bars.

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