A Colorado man woke up to four mountain lions on his porch. Watch the mama mountain lion and her three cubs play on his porch in Conifer.

Andy Davis was doing his morning routine, drinking coffee and checking emails and getting ready for a morning run according to KDVR. Then he saw something that grabbed his attention.

A mountain lion jumped up on his porch. Andy reached for his phone and then wait -- there were three more. The video shows the mama mountain lion and her three cubs walking around his porch and drinking from his water fountain.

The mountain lion seemed familiar with the area but Andy has never seen any around the area before, until now. The cubs look a little timid, which I imagine they would be considering they can see Andy through the glass. He'd never seen a mountain lion, ever. And according to Andy:

My whole life I was waiting to see cats and I've never seen any mountain lions the entire time I've lived up there. And this morning I got to see four of them at the same time and it just blew my mind. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

He watched the mom and her three cubs slowly wander off into the woods. I would absolutely love to see these beautiful creatures. Andy said he felt safe because he was inside and he doubts he'll ever get to have this experience again.

Andy showed his neighbors the video just to let them know that mountain lions are in the area. He's seen elk and bears around the area before, but this a first for mountain lions.

Andy Davis has been in the Army for 20 years and is a Sargent Major and also a Ranger and sniper qualified, according to KDVR. Thank you for your service Andy, and thanks for the majestic video too.

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