I'll never forget the story of my parent's honeymoon in the Rocky Mountains. They had no idea what they were getting into when they took the exit for Loveland Pass as they enjoyed a day in the mountains.

If you have never explored Colorado's Continental Divide, the Loveland Pass is one of the best places to score a photo of it. Airbnb Experiences even offers a Loveland Pass Photo tour so you can capture an incredible memory any time you want.

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Colorado's Loveland Pass
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Where is Colorado's Loveland Pass?

The Loveland Pass is located around 60 miles West of Denver on Highway 6. The top of the passes reaches 11,900 feet, and it's famous for being the highest elevated road in Colorado that stays open year-round.

What's On Top Of Loveland Pass?

Hiking trails like the Loveland Pass Loop are found near Dillon, Colorado. Loveland Pass Lake is a beautiful place to visit in the summer months with lots of wildlife in the area. Many of the hiking trails do NOT include bathroom facilities up at the top.

The Best Season for Photos on Loveland Pass?

One of the best parts of this Airbnb experience is that photographer Chris Tombrella is available year-round and will help you get an amazing photo any time of year. Looking for incredible wildflower photos in the summer? Check. Looking for fall color photos? He can do that. Looking to capture a winter wonderland photo? He'll meet you up top in the middle of winter if that is what you want. The mountain views are often crystal clear during the winter months.

Keep going to check out some incredible photos captured during the Loveland Pass photo experience below.

Colorado's Loveland Pass Photo Experience Soars Above 12,000 Feet

Looking to capture an amazing photo of Colorado's Rocky Mountains? Consider an adventure with Colorado's Loveland Pass Photo Experience near Dillon, Colorado. Check out some of the great photos captured earlier this year and find out how to reserve your space for the next photo experience.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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