Have you ever thought about how much it might cost to drive in the left lane in Colorado?

Why would you even have that thought? It doesn't cost anything to drive in Colorado unless you are in an express lane or toll road. Right? Well, it depends.

How much it costs to drive in the left lane in Colorado actually depends on a number of different factors including the current driving conditions, and the current speed limit. How many times have you been frustrated by a fellow motorist driving 65 MPH in the passing lane on a 75 MPH highway - and they won't move over?

Colorado's Little Known Left Lane Law

For the past 18 years, there has been a law in Colorado that prohibits driving in the left lane - or the passing lane as it's referred - if the speed limit is 65 MPH or higher unless you are passing other vehicles or if the flow of traffic prohibits you from returning to the non-passing lane.

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What Is A Non-Passing Lane?

A non-passing lane is any lane that is to the right of the passing lane regardless of whether the highway is two lanes or three. That means if you are driving in the middle lane of a three-lane highway, you are not in violation of the left lane law. Violating the left lane law is when it's going to cost you to drive there.

How Much Is My Left-Lane Driving Going to Cost Me?

If you are not passing another vehicle and there's nothing to prevent you from getting back over in the right lane, you are a violator and it could cost you some greenbacks if you should get stopped by a state trooper. In that case, it's going to cost you $41.20. That's a $35.00 penalty for the citation and an additional $6.20 surcharge. It's also going to cost you 3 points against your driver's license. However, the points can be reduced to 2 points if you mail your payment in within 20 days.

How strictly the left lane law is enforced is anybody's guess - and my guess is that it's not high on the list of crimes that state troopers are watching for. But, it's good to know what the law is - and how much violating it could lighten your wallet if you want to drive in that left lane.

Strangest Laws in Colorado You're Probably Breaking Right Now

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Slivers of asphalt cling to mountainsides with barely enough room for a subcompact car, let alone the monster RVs peppering the roadways. Blind corners leave even the most experienced drivers wondering what awaits around the bend. Let's not forget the thousand-foot drops with nothing between safety and impending doom but a thin slice of gravel -- talk about white knuckles.

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