It's standing, it has walls, a ceiling, running water, and a roof that's fairly new - and over 1800 square feet of living space. And it's only $50K.

Now for the bad news, it's in the middle of nowhere, in Flagler, Colo., "the self-proclaimed birdseed capital of the world".

Are you sold yet? Well, this house sits at 716 Navajo Avenue right in the heart of beautiful Downtown Flagler. Just think, you have barely (if any) mortgage payments to worry about, the cost of living is dirt cheap, and there are plenty of wide-open spaces to stretch out and enjoy.

So, are you ready to relocate to Flagler yet?

Now, back to the house. For $50,000, buying a house anywhere is unheard of, especially being as functional and decent as this one.

The home features 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with over 1800 square feet of living space which includes a large unfinished basement and a nice size backyard for activities, gardening, and whatever you choose to do.

Speaking of things to do, this property also features a detached workshop for you to create and work on projects any time you'd like.

So, now are you ready to relocate to Flagler yet and just take in the simple life?

Yes? No? Maybe? Well, let's take a virtual tour together of the least expensive house in Colorado and see if this won't change your mind.

Perhaps this could be a rental for when you have friends and family coming to visit you and you want them close, but not too close or this could simply be a place you want to call home when you retire for that simple way of living.

Whatever the case may be, I think this place is a steal. Let's check it out.

The Least Expensive House In Colorado Is An Absolute Steal

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