A Colorado kindergarten teacher fell through ice while walking her dog on a frozen pond in Lakewood. Unfortunately, both the teacher and her dog have passed away.

Leslie Webster has been a kindergarten teacher at Colorado Academy since 2009. according to Leslie, working at the school was her 'ultimate dream job' according to the Denver Channel.

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Leslie was walking her dog this past Sunday by her school when all of a sudden, they fell through the ice on the frozen pond. Her husband saw them fall through the ice and called 911.

West Metro Fire crews pulled Leslie and her dog out of the frozen pond around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday. The ice on the lake was thin and crumbling, according to the Denver Channel. The rescue wasn't the easiest because of the ice. Some parts of the pond were slushy while others were frozen solid.

Leslie was taken to the hospital while her dog was taken to the veterinarian. The Colorado kindergarten teacher was in critical condition when she arrived at the hospital and after having numerous surgeries, she, unfortunately, passed away. Sadly, both Leslie and her dog did not survive the accident.

I can't imagine losing both your wife/mom and your dog at the same time. Leslie leaves behind a husband and two daughters and our thoughts are with her family and her students during this time.

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