While soccer in Colorado may be popular for kids to play in spring and fall, a new ranking says overall, Colorado is not a great place for soccer and its fans. What's the reason?

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Colorado Is Not A Good Soccer Fan State


Playing soccer in Colorado almost feels like a must for most kids growing up. I did it, my brother did it, and my wife played through high school too. My oldest daughter still plays in High School, and my son has played since he was 3. The only exception is my youngest daughter but she's always been the danging and cheer queen so soccer wasn't ever something she had time for. As far as I can tell by these packed soccer fields in the spring and fall, Colorado loves this sport. So why do we rank so low as far as the best states for soccer fans go?

Colorado Ranks Low In 2023's Best Cities For Soccer Fans

In an effort to track down the best cities in America for the world's "most beloved" professional sport, WalletHub went to work ranking nearly 300 cities across the U.S. The Colorado Rapids, which is our Pro MLS Soccer team, won the MLS Cup in 2010, but apparently, that was too far in the past to make us a soccer destination according to WalletHub.



What Are The Best And Worst Ranked Cities In Colorado For Soccer Fans?

After looking at 52 key metrics including minimum season-ticket price for a game to stadium accessibility to the number of championship wins, Colorado's highest-ranking city on their list of 299 cities was Denver, which was bounced from the Top 20, coming in this year at number 23. Three of Colorado's biggest cities outside of Denver though didn't even make the Top 200. Boulder came in at 215, Greeley at 220, and Fort Collins landed at 230. Los Angeles, CA ranked number one while Pocatello, ID came in dead last.

Take A Look At The Full Best Soccer Cities Ranking

Source: WalletHub

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