Those of us that grew up in Colorado and spent a lot of time in the outdoors often don't realize just how many cool things we know about that out-of-towners have likely never heard of.

If your childhood took place on the Western Slope, you are not only familiar with the Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Pool but probably attended at least one birthday party there.

While that particular attraction is pretty famous, just a stone's throw away from the famous pool are some of the many natural springs that you'll find across the entire state of Colorado known as "hippie dips," primarily to the locals.

What Are Colorado's Hippie Dips?

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Hippie dips are small, mostly natural pools that are filled with spring water. They're typically in places with naturally occurring hot springs in Colorado such as the aforementioned Glenwood Springs, and can also be found in places near Ouray, Carbondale, Steamboat Springs, Pagosa Springs, and others.

Many of these hippie dips are fairly well-kept secrets reserved for locals and are very seldom manmade in any way. However, some hippie dips, like the one featured in the video above, are located in more urban areas (if you can even consider Pagosa Springs to be urban) and are treated more as tourist destinations, while also maintaining the mystique of being a hidden gem.

Colorado's hippie dips are also usually found alongside a river and are attractive places to relax because of the hot water, minerals, and healing properties.

Keep scrolling to check out a couple of the numerous hippie dips you can find in Colorado:

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